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Tips for working remotely from home

Working from home? In the effort to save lives and push back the effects of the terrible Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), the ability to work from home has already made profound impact. If you are fortunate to have the ability to work from home, here are a few tips to help you along. Embrace your surroundings. […]
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Why does Google AMP Suck?

Whoa controversial title alert.  I toned it down a bit from my original Google AMP F#@#@$g Sux opening, which upon reflection, I found wasn't exactly professional when you are trying to attract business to your website. regardless this is an opinion piece and as always, I look forward to discussing the points raised with the […]
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WordPress Vs Squarespace

WordPress and Squarespace comparison Overview Welcome to the Envisionworks comparison between WordPress and Squarespace. Before we begin lets start with a quick overview of the 2 platforms. Both systems are designed to manage content but each platform has a very different core philosophy at their center. WordPress Overview WordPress is a open source content management […]
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WordPress Empty spam button redirects to homepage

Hopefully this helps someone as it was driving me insane for the last few weeks.  Every time I clicked the Empty Spam button via WordPress comments it would just redirect me to my website root.  Server Error logs, wp_debug produced nothing – no errors or issues of any kind. The WP Super cache emptying Cache […]
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